Nature vs. Nature

Who Against Self

What makes us human joins us
more powerfully than what haunts us
can break our common bond.

For what distracts our daily
purpose with invitations to be who
we never thought to be

can only create a who against self.

A who disturbingly present despite
a song needing sung or a garden needing
that song to nature, chorus of birds.

A who tamped down by fingers of dread
with light, though persistent, blows to assure
the powder will ignite.

A who joins the cacophony of silence before
ideas thwarting nature, imagination, love;
when inward self craves joy.

But when that craving breaks free to tug
against the lemming call, to see, to hear
beyond the dark silence

we regain our nature, our self. 

We find the who that hears trees sighing,
sees sunrise on an ocean, tastes sweet pollen,
and reties our common bond.

--- Cheryl Gaston

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