I awoke today in a sour mood. It felt like dragging myself into the kitchen to find the soggy remains of last night’s dinner. Oh wait! That is what I found! Ugh! So that just magnified my feeling of dragginess.

Or DRAGONESS! As I am wont to do when feeling down, I looked immediately for ways to up my mood. The reason I found was a nasty dream that dredged up old family crap. “Out,” I commanded.

Then I mentally listed things I knew would make me feel better.

  • Clean sheets
  • Clean kitchen
  • A long shower
  • Doing my nails

So, guess what I chose. I decided to do my nails. Of course! The one thing that would stop me from doing anything else on my list for a while. Common sense would have had me strip the beds and start the washer, so it would have been finished when I was ready for my shower.

Stay with me here. I also could have started the sheets, then cleaned the kitchen to load the dishwasher, to be ready to start when the laundry finished, then done my nails while the dishwasher was on. … that lived in the house that Jack built.

But, hell, it’s Sunday, still in quarantine, still dragging that nasty dream. A master of self-healing, I got a second cup of coffee, sat down to watch “Sunday Morning,” and did my nails.

I’m typing now, because that poses no danger to my lovely nails, that sparkle when the sun hits them. And when I finish this, still in my pajamas, I’ll get my third cup of coffee and a blanket and sit on my little deck. I’ll hear birds, see the squirrels, feel the sun, and let the dragoness emerge.

She can do the laundry and clean the kitchen later … while I’m filling the bird feeders.

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