Over My Back Fence — 2

So still and clear following a week of weird weather. It’s dawn, the sun still below the horizon. My favorite part because it’s like a preview of the day to come.

Today, to the right, I see a sliver of new moon with its bright planet in attendance…travelers together though light years apart. How canny.

My view straight ahead to the fence and over is a dusty light rose illuminating branches just starting to pop the tiniest budlets of spring to come.

This all looks like hope to me, the silent promise that Nature will demand to be. This, despite a world trying to bring it down by ignorance or greed. Doesn’t matter which, does it?

I can only imagine what would happen if deniers and ruiners sat quietly gazing out their eastern windows each morning. Sadly, they won’t.

While I write, the moon’s friendly planet begins to disappear. Only because it’s harder to send sparkles across light years. Like all of Nature, it’s still there.

Believe it’s there; use hope.