A toe in the water

Today I will send a 50-page piece of my novel to a professional editor for review and advice on continuity, character, and the elements that move fiction forward. I’ve been polishing, tightening, tweaking, nudging, etc.

Many of you will recognize avoidance behavior, my real skill. I’ll know it’s time to send this when I need sunglasses to look at my kitchen floor.

But I will send it in a few minutes. I realize this will be when I accept the notion that I have really meant to be published all along. I don’t want affirmation as much as I want to develop readers: people who might be moved by or even just enjoy my writing. I want to stand on a street corner and read portions of this aloud; and later I can read this to the other people on my ward at the “home.”

This is the moment, just before I may be seriously shot down, when I say to more than myself “look what I’ve done. Don’t you think it’s good too?”

Here goes; stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “A toe in the water

  1. Since I share your real skill of avoidance behavior, I’m knocked out by your getting beyond your glowing kitchen floor and into the post office to mail (or on PC to email) those amazing 50 pages. I am SO IMPRESSED with your getting that far: your writing I’m ALWAYS impressed with. Go girl!!

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  2. You’ve got the chops, so……..deep breath in & out, lift that toe out of the water, & instead dive in head first & send! We’re all here to support your efforts and sending positive wishes that a publisher provides affirmation and wants to work with you!!!!


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