Welcome to Writerly

This site is where I will share my thoughts, inspirations, and some of my writing for honest feedback. Of course, it’s only shared if someone else sees it. I’ll be trying to direct friends here through Facebook and other sources.

I’m editing my first novel (read: slogging through and trying to be outside of it). From time-to-time, I may post a small piece for comments. I hope you will feel free to give me constructive criticism. A book is only as good, interesting, or entertaining as its readers think it is.

A note about the scene above: This was an incredible sunset in Newport, Oregon, where I have gone to find my muse. The ocean has always been important to me. It’s where I dream; it’s where I heal; and it’s where I am inspired. Whether East Coast, where I grew up, or West Coast, where I now live a bit inland; I need an ocean nearby. I spent four bewildered years in Iowa, where there is no ocean. I looked everywhere. There was much to love about Cedar Falls/Waterloo and the people I lived and worked among, but I was drawn to the ocean.

So, please feel at home here. Leave comments. Ask questions about writing and editing…or language and grammar.

Please look below to leave feedback or to be notified of future posts.